How to pronounce "clothes"

There is one word I often hear people struggle to pronounce. That word is “clothes“.

I hear it pronounced as “cloh-thes” or “cloths” or “clas“.

I’m here to tell you I understand. The word “clothes” has that pesky ‘th’ right in the middle. If you just look at how “clothes” is spelled, it’s reasonable to assume you have to wrestle with your tongue to say it.

That brings up an important point. If you haven’t noticed already, you can’t rely on English spelling to guide you on how to pronounce a word. “Clothes” is a perfect example of this.

If you want to hear exactly how native English speakers say the word “Clothes”, watch this quick video:

The two main points to remember are:
  1. Drop the ‘th’ sound. Despite how the word is spelled ‘th’ sound is not spoken. It disrupts the natural flow of in a sentence and feels unnatural, even to native English speakers.
  2. Be sure to add a ‘z’ sound at the end. Adding the ‘z’ sound will stretch out the vowel sound in the word and make it more recognizable to native English speakers.
Practice  how to pronounce the word “clothes” [cloze] in the following sentences:

I need to buy some new clothes.”

Throw your dirty clothes into the washing machine

You don’t need expensive clothes to look professional

“Kids grow out of their clothes so fast!”

“How much did you spend on clothes this month?”

[Video] Quick English Speech Tip: How to Pronounce “Clothes”

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