A common question for a speech pathologist who works with business professionals is: ‘Won’t I adapt to the language naturally? Is special pronunciation training really necessary?’ This is a great question; many non-native speakers will pick up some mannerisms of English from living in the United States, but it is a very slow process and doesn’t guarantee to improve an accent.

At Pronounced Success, we know that improving your English skills is achievable. We have discovered that business professionals looking to quickly improve their English pronunciation find a Raleigh area speech-language pathologist is the best solution!

4 valuable things any business professional can gain from pronunciation training in Raleigh are:

1. Career Advancement. Gaining the ability to speak English clearly will help maintain a current position as well as obtain potential future job positions. It’s an advantage for human resource professionals to hire someone who can speak multiple languages. It’s even more valuable when that person can communicate ideas clearly in those languages.

2. Confidence. It can be nerve wracking to sit in a room with native English speakers knowing those individuals have a hard time understanding what you’re saying. This results in non-native speakers not sharing their expertise and their insecurities grow. When clients are able to speak clearly and express themselves with ease, their confidence soars. They begin to get noticed for their ideas and not for how they speak.

3. Travel Opportunities. If business professionals are not able to explain their expertise clearly, they will not get asked to travel to important conferences and meetings to present their ideas. While pronunciation services have an upfront investment, it opens up more travel and career advancements in the future.

4. Improved Spoken English. Companies will put their employees through advanced ESL training in Raleigh to improve their spoken English under the assumption it costs a little less. Unfortunately, this doesn’t address the need since many ESL teachers are not trained to teach English pronunciation. A speech-language pathologist specializing in English pronunciation for non-native speakers has the background knowledge and skills to pinpoint speech errors and accurately address them. No time is wasted on generic lessons. The result is customized training designed to achieve effective, long-term improvements to speech clarity. This provides a valuable skill that will benefit clients for the rest of their lives.

Human resource managers and supervisors in some of Raleigh’s top companies are offering their employees pronunciation training at Pronounced Success. If your company is interested in more information in developing the workforce into dynamic team members, email Karen at Karen@PronouncedSuccess.com.

4 Valuable Things to Gain from Pronunciation Training

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