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Your instructor is a certified, licensed speech-language pathologist and accent trainer. She is trained to analyze and improve the most subtle aspects of your English pronunciation skills.

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Senior Development Testing Manager at SAS

Karen is a true professional. She is knowledgeable on every aspect of English pronunciation. She was well prepared for each session. I love how she introduced the concept of speaking English - break a sentence into different functional groups, each group has a keyword, and each word has a key syllable, not to mention all the tricks and tips and how to pronounce English speech sounds. Not only did she improve my pronunciation but she advised me on English communication and culture. The training was really enjoyable and fruitful. I recommend it!

Eric Zhang

President, Broker in Charge, The Insight Group

I had an extremely enjoyable and productive learning experience working with Karen on my goal to speak at a native level. There were many "aha" moments that made me aware of things I needed to correct. The best thing about Karen is her attitude. One of my outcomes was to have a great time learning something new, as this was not a job requirement for me but more of a thing I always wanted to do. The sessions with Karen were some of the most constructive and enjoyable times of the week. We had extremely constructive and impactful interactions. The tools work and you will notice a difference. I highly recommend Karen!

Carlos Campos

Operations Manager

"I had problems with not just accents but also with pronunciation and the way I said things and I really hated that people would ask me to say things again or would have that "I do not understand you" look. Karen addressed these issues and added more material I could use to be better understood. You will not regret taking this class...I have received so much more than what I paid for!"

Javier Kim


"I've lived in the US for a while but still could not get rid of my Thai accent. So I decided to train with Karen. What I like about Karen is that she evaluated my accent and personalized the lessons to fit with where I needed help the most, and focused on that. Karen also went way beyond my expectations to help ensure my continued success even after the training had ended. She motivated me to continue practicing English and sent me more useful information to help me to become a much better speaker of English. Before taking her class, I thought it would be hard to learn to speak English like a native speaker when I came to the US as an adult. But now I know that, though I may not be able to get rid of my accent completely, people will be able to understand me much better than before I took her accent training class. By the end of my training, I had improved so much. I highly recommend her."

Sue T.

Documentation Specialist

"I had the privilege of hosting Karen's presentation on accent training, which is one of her specialties as a Speech Language Pathologist. Her stage presence was fantastic: very professional, yet also both comfortable and disarming. It was obvious she knows her stuff; her examples were relevant and enlightening. Karen used just the right amount of humor to keep both interest level and enjoyment high. In the end, the audience and I learned to appreciate the great depth and value of Karen's work. I wholeheartedly recommend getting in touch with her for your accent training needs!"

Peter H.
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